$49.00 CAD

Wild Motherhood

The Wild Motherhood course contains:

  • 13 short, simple audio lessons to move you one step closer to freedom each day 

  • Practical actions, emotional shifts and fun DIY projects to make this journey doable

  • Resources, books and meditations for your exploration

  • Access to the Wild Motherhood Hotline where you can reach out for e-mail support

It’s $49 for this 13-day experience

What People Are Saying:

"I loved being a part of Wild Motherhood. Seeing the emails in my inbox every morning was like a comforting warm hug from a close friend. Getting reminders every day that you’re not alone and out-of-the box ideas on how to connect had me start my day with a huge smile on my face."

Kristine Alvtegen Casart