Wild Motherhood


You’re more than just a mom. 

Start running your household in a way that supports your Wild Freedom.



Nobody talks about it, but…


Fantasizing about life before children is completely normal.


It doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids. 


 It doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for your family and all the good things you’ve got. 


 I know you are.


You just wish you didn’t have to sacrifice your own selfhood to keep everyone fed, clean, clothed, and on time for a million and one appointments.


Here’s the good news 

— for you, and your whole family — 

you don’t. 

You can bring your whole WILD SELF to motherhood:

The one who holds your Inner Compass and always knows what’s best for you.


And make room for more WILD FREEDOM: 

Your ability to do what delights and fulfills you as you care for yourself and your kids. 




Being a good mom doesn’t mean you come in last.

Where did we even get that silly idea? As far as we’ve come as women, we still have all these rules for what a “good mom” should do and how she should behave. 

I call this paradigm The Society of Shoulds. 

And it’s why nearly every woman I meet still enters motherhood with an impossibly long list of expectations, to-dos, and you-must-never’s.

The only way they possibly keep up is by pushing down their own needs, desires, and emotions. 

Disconnection becomes a survival mechanism. 

But it’s not sustainable for us, nor the best thing for our kids. We need another way. And spoiler alert…it’s not my way. 

It’s your own Wild Way. 

Let’s recover who you are beyond motherhood.

And set that woman free. 


As much as we can get done for our kids 

by striving to be a super-mom… 

We can give our families so much more by 

bringing our whole Wild Selves into this adventure.

So much more presence. So much more love. 

So much more play. 

Most importantly, we can be their example of a woman who doesn’t buckle to what society says she SHOULD be. 

A woman who dares to speak up for herself, stay true to her essence, and blaze her own trail in life. 


Kristine Alvtegen Casart

"I loved being a part of Wild Motherhood. Seeing the emails in my inbox every morning was like a comforting warm hug from a close friend. Getting reminders every day that you’re not alone and out-of-the box ideas on how to connect had me start my day with a huge smile on my face." 

Wild Motherhood

Step away from the shoulds, lighten the load of running your household, and reconnect to your Wild Self,  

Each day you’ll receive a Daily Detour — a short, invigorating audio to help you: 

  • See where The Society of Shoulds says you’re falling short, even though you’re actually doing too much
  • Say goodbye to tasks and expectations that drain you without ever feeling like you’re “a bad mom” 
  • Feel a sense of relief as you become comfortable choosing progress over perfection 
  • Gain the courage to speak up for what you need without worry of letting your family down  
  • Be able to take moments of rest and play, even when the laundry hasn’t been folded or the kitchen isn’t spotless
  • Restore your Inner Compass so making your own decisions for you and your kids gets easier
  • Reconnect to who you are beyond the driving, organizing, and care-taking tasks of motherhood 
  • Reclaim the activities that may seem selfish or pointless, but are actually essential to feeling like your best self 
  • Resist the Cult of Overscheduling, so you and your kids have some space to breathe, relax and play together 
  • Celebrate where you’re WINNING as a mom and as a person, and ride that momentum towards Wild Freedom


Holly Phillips is an Intuitive Guide, herbalist, down-to-earth digital marketer and bonafide wild woman. She helps you get out of the “shoulds,” restore your inner compass, and follow your own wild whispers to a life where you are deeply fulfilled, fully expressed, and pretty much always ready for creativity, connection, and adventure.

Everyone in your Nest Benefits from a Mother who’s true to her Wild Self.


Ready for this adventure?


The Wild Motherhood course contains:

  • Short, simple audio lessons to move you one step closer to freedom each day 
  • Practical actions, emotional shifts and fun DIY projects to make this journey doable
  • Resources, books and meditations for your exploration
  • Access to the Wild Motherhood Hotline where you can reach out for e-mail support

Will you join us?