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Each full moon, we share Stories from the Wild – a unique blend of insights from nature, seasonal herbal recipes, heartfelt writings, and exclusive first access to workbooks, courses and free resources that were created.

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We want lives and livelihood in full colour. Closeness with our families, our communities, and the earth — our ultimate source of strength, inspiration, direction, and solace. Here you'll find down-to-earth tools that are tried and tested, ways to plot your own course, and a community to pull you out when you fall in the river so you keep paddling your canoe towards what truly matters. 


Wild Livelihood

Craft a business that reflects your true essence and sustains your Wild Freedom. It means breaking free from conventional norms to build down-to-earth systems that allow you to thrive. Embrace your creativity, and share your story.

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Wild Motherhood

You’re more than just a mom. Let's pave a new way forward. Start courageously running your household and raising your kids according to your own values, in a way that supports your Wild Freedom. 

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Wild Alchemy

Get unstuck from the old stories, patterns, and thought forms holding you back. Flower essences are crafted to support emotional balance and spiritual growth, and designed to align you with your wild essence.

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Your Guide, Holly Phillips

Thanks for stopping by my little home on the Internet. I'm an ecletic mix of guide, herbalist, down-to-earth digital marketer and bonafide wild woman. My super power is getting people unstuck from the “shoulds” so you can follow you own wild whispers to a life and business where you are deeply fulfilled, and fully expressed. I'm pretty much always down for talking about plants, creativity, campfires and road trips.

Our Story So Far

The life you're dreaming of is on the other side of unknown.

Let’s build your courage to go find it. Trail of Adventure is about more than just escaping the ordinary; it’s about transforming it. We believe in the power of everyday adventures, rituals, and rhythms that connect you with your inner compass. With each step you take, you'll discover the strength, creativity, and freedom that lies within.

Writing is the ultimate Super Power.

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