Blaze Your Own Trail.

Grounded guidance to find your Wild Freedom in motherhood, business and beyond.

 What I want most for you is wild freedom.

The ability to do what delights and fulfills you, to blaze your own Trail of Adventure in all areas of your life.

and I want you to embrace your wild self.

The one who holds your Inner Compass and knows where to turn, when to let go, and what to say, create, and do.

Your Guide, Holly Phillips

Holly is an Intuitive Guide, herbalist, down-to-earth digital marketer and bonafide wild woman. She helps you get unstuck from the “Shoulds” so you can follow you own wild whispers to a life and business where you are deeply fulfilled, fully expressed, and is pretty much always ready for creativity, connection, and adventure.

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There is no one right way to be a mother.

Your kids need you to find YOUR WAY
It will free them.

And it will free you. 

Join me for the Wild Motherhood 13 day course & let's find your way.

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1:1 Wayfinding

Identify your current crossroads, unload your burdens, and pack your bag with the right lightweight tools and wild medicine for a wildly fun adventure where your essence can begin to blossom. Holly will get into the weeds with you and help you discern the whispers of your Wild Self, so you can stop sinking and realign your canoe towards what matters most. 

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