Running a household, a business, or both, doesn't have to drain the life out of you

You’re more than just a mom, just a worker, just a business owner. 

Part of you knows that. 

I call that part your Wild Self. 

And I will help you bring it back. 

You may not be ready to admit it, but here's why I think you're a Wild One.

Wild Ones just hear the whispers.

You hear these whispers deep within yourself longing for deeper connection, creativity, and adventure.

The call to break free of the social roles and rules that leave us drained and disconnected.

But you're a little afraid to try towards those wild whispers. 

The Society of Shoulds told us NOT to be wild. We're suppose to be Good Girls who stay on the sidewalk and do as we're told.

The Society of Should's

aims to keep women in line. It separates us from our inner compass — our ability to decide what’s best for ourselves, our families and our businesses. It burdens us with heavy expectations, promising rewards if we can carry the load. But the rewards are never all they were cracked up to be.

You might meet all of the requirements you’ve been told are important, and still be unfulfilled.

That’s because the person you’re really meant to be can only be found when you brave the unknown. 


You're not lost.
You're here at a crossroad, Wild One.

You get to decide from here which way to go.

Will you continue on the Sidewalk with the Society of Should's?

Or will you courageously blaze your own trail to
uild the emotional resilience, the self-knowledge, AND the practical skills to do more of what keeps you grounded, wildly creative, and deeply connected to what matters?

The choice, as always, is yours.