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Why We Have to Let the Hustle Go

May 31, 2024

I'm so very tired of the #hustle we're suppose to be all in on. We're suppose to be continually sprinting after our business goals while we raise beautiful children, make healthy meals and keep a tidy house. From what I can tell, we're suppose to have perfectly styled offices, fresh flowers on our desk tops and be daintly nibbling on macaroons. Our weeks are perfect planned out with time blocks.

It's utter bullshit.
Let me tell you the real story of my work this week. I've been in creation mode making a fabulous new website, brand, social media presence all in just 4 days.

The beautiful children are doing just fine. We had Chinese takeout for dinner. If my Christmas tree that is still up counts as fresh flowers, I've got that one. My carpet is littered with LEGO and Barbies, and I'm pretty sure both of my sinks are filled with dishes. The grocery situation is low - no macaroons to be had, although I probably have crackers.

My week's time blocks (which I only do on a REALLY busy week) got fucked up when my car fell in the ditch yesterday. And again when my husband got sick this week. My work has to adjust - because my family and the wheels to get them around comes first.

This is the fall out parts of a busy work week for me. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in trying to keep all the balls flying on a busy week.
I'm okay with it. I know when my project is finished, I'll put the pieces back together.
Dear ones, we're not robots. We can't just hustle, hustle, hustle. We need rest, we need things that spark joy, and we need to stop beating ourselves up about it. As women, we need to take time to acknowledge our emotions and patterns through the busy periods. We need time to reflect, tweak, change and grow. We need time to clean up the messes that happened while we were in creation mode.
So, if it's not hustle, then what?
I don't think we really want hustle.

What we really want - what we really crave - is to make powerful moves that move our businesses forward, in the time we have.

We want to feel like we're making change or a difference with our products & services.

We want to really connect with people -  in a real way, with trust, so we can talk about these things.

We want life to flow - between business work, curious, creative projects, and taking time to enjoying your life and the people within it.